How we started

We started our cattle business about 4 years ago in the Eastern Free State, where my dad has been farming for over two decades.What started as a business soon grew into a passion and a way of life. From a business perspective, success is measured in economic terms. Farming with Beefmaster cattle in the Eastern Free State, success is also measured by how our passion for cattle has enriched our lives.

Cows and heifers were purchased from Human Beefmasters, Beefmaster Alliance and WO Beefmasters. Bulls (refer to sire page) were purchased from WO Beefmasters, Sarwipi Beefmasters and Human Beefmasters. From the day a heifer is born and throughout her life (of maturing into a cow), she is always in production. Whether she is gaining weight through early life stages, going through puberty or expecting her next calf, a cow is always producing. For this reason bulls were selected to complement our cow herd, with the main aim to enhance the female foundation.

Our Vision

Enthusiasm resulted in us expanding not only our knowledge base but also our cow herd to 120 high quality females. Bulls were specifically chosen to promote milking ability, fertility, muscling and medium-framed animals with good general appearance. We make use of bulls purchased from top breeders as well as follow an AI program, using bulls that satisfy our requirement of producing top quality female animals. These bulls are carefully selected not only from excellent South African genetics but also from international breeders.

At this stage in our cattle breeding journey I think it is appropriate to compare the Blinkmeneer Beefmaster stud to that of a good red wine. Just as wine is made from high quality grapes, so do we have cows of equivalent quality. Just as a good red wine improves as it matures, so do we believe our stud will go from strength to strength in the next few years. Many people say farming is not for the faint hearted, that farming is a risky business. For us it is a philosophy, what you put in is what you get out. We believe that just like a good red wine entices the tongue, so will our cattle have a similar effect on the eye and environment they are put in.

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